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Third Term 2017


  • School re-opens: Tuesday 25th July
  • National Women’s Day (closed): 9th August
  • Parent Evening: 23rd August (7:15pm)
  • New Parent Workshop (1): 31st August (7:30pm)
  • New Parent Workshop (2): 7th September (7:30pm)
  • New Parent Workshop (3): 14th September (7:30pm)
  • School Concert: 16th September
  • Public Holiday (closed): 25th September
  • School closes: Thursday 28th September


June 2017 Newsletter
March 2017 Newsletter

This month of August sees Blue Moon’s celebration of 10 years of Montessori from the humble beginning of my home to this incredible flourishing Montessori school. We grew from two children in my home, to eighteen when we first moved into our current building in Bergvliet, and before we knew it our preschool was full and an elementary class was started in 2012. I always believe that we are all lifelong learners and each and every year we grow, stretch, shrink back a little and then grow some more. Happy children are at the heart of all we do and alongside this is the provision of enriching spaces so that children can receive, discover and explore what is important to each of them.

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